Parish Council News – November 2019

Parish Council News November 2019

Smith’s Meadow Reminder – Your help needed – please bring your pruning equipment!
The Smith’s Meadow new hedgerow weeding/pruning/top gate painting weekend will be on the weekend of November 2 & 3, at 10am, I have chosen this weekend as the wild life will have finished breeding and the vegetation will have died down a little. If anyone wishes to volunteer to support this event please contact myself on my mobile 07805651502 or email for more information.
Pershore Infrastructure plans
Wyre Parish Councillors have recently met with Mark Mills from Worcester County Council to understand the Pershore Infrastructure plans and the impact on our village and surrounding areas. Mark has offered to come to Wyre and provide an update on the scheduled work at the Pinvin traffic lights, the Pershore Northern Link Road and local foot and cycle path plans.This has been arranged this for 28th November at 6.45pm in the village hall and is ahead of our formal parish council meeting at 7.30pm. All welcome. Please come along.
SWDP – 28th – important news
The South Worcestershire Development Plan has revealed proposed sites for new housing, employment and retail land. Several sites around Wychavon, some near Wyre Piddle, have been included for consideration. Views are being sought to help shape the future growth of South Worcestershire into the middle of this century. A public consultation is being launched on Monday, 5 November on the review of the South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP), with a view to build three major new settlements across South Worcestershire. This will help Malvern Hills District, Worcester City and Wychavon District Councils decide how to best accommodate housing and employment growth in the area to 2041. Two councilors from Wyre Piddle will attend a briefing for Parish Councils on November 6th. A series of road shows are being held to provide people with more information and gather views. The nearest to us is on Wednesday 21 Nov. at the Town Hall, Pershore from 2pm to 8pm. Full details of the Plan are available at
Neighbourhood Watch
The neighbourhood where we live is OUR neighbourhood, and we should all take responsibility for it. The police are thin on the ground, so we need to be their eyes and ears. This also has the benefit of keeping ourselves and our neighbours safer through our vigilance.
It is like turning the clock back 60 years, when we all knew our neighbours and looked out for each other and helped each other, which is neighbourhood watch in a nutshell.
So, how do we effectively look out for each other? We should talk to our neighbours, be aware of our senior citizens, have you seen them lately, do they need help with anything? Elderly people are more susceptible to internet and phone scams, so make them aware not to give out financial and personal details, even if they are told it is their bank who is asking. Banks never ask you to reveal pin numbers and account details, so ensure they are aware, and if suspicious of anything, to speak to someone for advice before disclosing details. Any bona fide company will be happy to call back.
Talk to strangers – no, not your kids, but adults, just saying hello and making contact with someone wandering about your area makes any criminals aware that people are vigilant and taking notice of who is about.
Joining the neighbourhood watch and keeping in contact with each other is one way of reducing the risk of crime, downloading the We Alert app is another way of keeping in touch with any issues of concern within the village. If you walk your dog around the village, keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior, and report it, to the police (dial 101) or your NHW coordinator, and let your neighbours know so they can keep watch as well.
You don’t have to be a member of NHW, you just need to be a good neighbour, and you can still download the We Alert app and use it. Together, we can make our village a community of people who care. For more information, contact Lew Searle on 07795 251549/ or Andy Mac on 07971 020649/
Lengthsman update
In case you didn’t know, the Lengthsman keeps all roads and footways in the village clear. He also makes sure all road signs are free from obstruction and the visibility at the entrance and exits of roads is clear. He is paid by Wyre Piddle Parish Council which is then reimbursed by Worcester County Council Highways Department. In the last few months our lengthsman, Pete Hurst, has mown and strimmed verges and footways on Wyre Hill, Worcester Rd, Main Rd, Evesham Rd and cleared hedge weeds on Church St. He has also mown and strimmed the roundabout at the Western entrance. He has replaced the footpath sign on Evesham Rd and worked on clearing the footway. He has applied weed killer to the road edge on Main Rd. He has strimmed around the benches, bank ditch and side hedges and entrance to Smith’s Meadow and has cleared the storm ditch on Mill Lane.

Over the next few months, he will cut back foliage, branches and brambles on Eastern Railway Bridge – around road signs, George Lane – around road sign by Railway Bridge, Haines Ave – Bramble over pavement, Poplar Avenue – foliage over pavement around Play Park Island, Worcester Rd – Hedge from mini roundabout to garden of No 1 Poplar Ave, Mini Roundabout /Western Bridge – hedge by WDBC sign, Wyre Hill – Footpath to Station entrance and Main Rd – cut back hedge by new build houses where there is no site fence in place.

He will weed spray roadside and pavements around The Close, Ryelands and Manor Farm, Poplar Ave, Wyre Hill, Church St., and on the Eastern Railway Bridge. In addition he will cut back the grass verge to path width on Main Rd – from new build houses to Eastern Bridge and Evesham Rd – from Eastern Railway Bridge to the village boundary.
I would like to thank Pete for all the hard work he does. Please help to keep the village looking good by looking after the frontage to your property and trimming back any foliage encroaching onto or overhanging the footpath. Obviously the more we can do to help, the more budget there is left to spend on the village in general.
If you have any queries about the lengthsman please contact Cllr Jenny Wilks on 07530482053 or

Apply for a Community Grant upto £20,000 funded by the European Social Fund

Apply for a Community Grant up to £20,000 funded by the European Social Fund

Worcestershire County Council are currently delivering a Social Fund that enables small businesses or charities support inactive individual’s back into further education or employment.

You must be a small business with 49 employees or less or a charitable organisation.

There are specific priority groups that ESF are wanting to target:
 Participants over 50
 Participants with a Disability
 Participants with Ethnic Minorites
 Participants who are Women



Notice of closure of A4104 Terrace Road Pinvin, – 5 Days duation from 26th October 2019





Reason for restriction: WCC Major Projects (Pershore Infrastructure Improvement Scheme). There is a need to close the highway in the following terms:-

1. The effect of this Notice is that no vehicle shall proceed along that part of the highway from its junction with A44 Allens Hill to its junction with C2222 Walcot Lane.

2. This provision shall continue in force for a maximum of 5 days, however, it is anticipated that it will remain in force for 5 days commencing 26 October 2019.

3. Alternative routes: – A44 Abbey View Road, B4083 Wyre Hill, B4083 Wyre Road,
A4104 Station Road and vice versa.

Nothing in this Notice shall prevent at any time access for pedestrians to any premises situated on or adjacent to the highway, or to any other premises accessible for pedestrians from and only from the highway.

Head of Legal and Democratic Services

26 September 2019

737532 – A4104 Terrace Road, Pinvin – Expedient

Wyre Piddle Parish News Report – Wyre Piddle Parish Council October 2019 edition.

Wyre Piddle Parish News – October 2019

Keep Wyre Piddle Tidy!
Our village is now signed up for the Wychavon Adopt a street scheme. We have our own set of litter picking equipment and all we need to do is a litter pick 3 times a year. This can be at a time to suit and doesn’t have to be an organised community event. If you would like to volunteer to litter pick on your own street or any other problem area please can you get in touch with me and I can deliver you some pickers and further information. I have 10 sets altogether – one for me, so that makes 9 available for some other willing and able folk!

Smith’s Meadow
Smith’s Meadow new hedgerow weeding/pruning/top gate painting weekend will be on the weekend of November 2 & 3, at 10am, I have chosen this weekend as the wild life would of finish breeding and a lot of the vegetation would have died down a little. If anyone wishes to volunteer to support this event please contact myself on my mobile 07805651502 or email for more information.

We Don’t Buy Crime
The WDBC signs are up on all the main entrances into the Village. Councillor Wilks and I accompanied Timothy Williams on a very rainy day to put them up. Thanks to Timothy Williams and his able assistant Alan McFarland. Our thanks also go to The Chair, Councillor Paul who has erected the remaining A3 size WDBC signs all around the village.
I have a few A3 size WDBC signs left if anyone knows or thinks there is an area that needs one please get in touch.

Evesham Road
A request was made to Wychavon District Council to sweep the Evesham road, as the amount of debris in the gutters was considerable. This work was done but not to an acceptable standard, and the drainage gullies are in some cases blocked. There are still a lot of weeds growing in the gutters. However, we have been informed that the road will be resurfaced in October and it is assumed that the road will be properly cleaned before the resurfacing work is done.

Eastern Bridge
I am still getting complaints from villagers regarding the unauthorized use of the Eastern Bridge. Enquiries have been made to the West Mercian Operation Snap to see if any action is being taken. They have informed me that they are prosecuting offenders for red light offences, and are sending out warning letters for those using the key code to change the traffic lights. If they continue to use the key code, then they will also be prosecuted.

Wychavon Supporting Communities FREE WORKSHOPS

One of Wychavon District Council’s promises is to run a two year programme of workshops for parish and town councils and community groups on a range of topics that bring together successful examples and share best practice to enable others to implement their own solutions to local needs. The workshops are free for representatives of Wychavon based groups and organisations but advance booking is essential as we will only run a workshop if enough places are filled.

Free workshops
Play areas – maintenance and inspection
Tuesday 17 September 2019 | 10am – 12pm at Wychbold play area
This will take place at play area and will provide guidance on some of the main aspects of play equipment inspection and how to undertake an effective inspection. It will also cover how to respond when faults have been identified.

Tackling speeding in your parish
Monday 23 September 2019 | 6pm – 8pm in the Committee Rooms, Wychavon Civic Centre, Pershore, WR10 1PT
Details to be confirmed.

Flood awareness
Monday 30 September 2019 | 6pm – 8pm in the Committee Rooms, Wychavon Civic Centre, Pershore, WR10 1PT
With 2007 a distant memory for most, this workshop could act as a personal reminder for households about how to prepare and react to local flooding events. For your community as a whole it provides an opportunity to think and develop some actions to improve a community’s resilience.

Neighbourhood planning
Thursday 24 October 2019 | 6pm – 8pm at Wychavon Civic Centre, Pershore, WR10 1PT
This session will explore the benefits of preparing a neighbourhood plan, as providing an overview of the process and the support available to parish councils and neighbourhood plan groups. We will also share examples of adopted neighbourhood plans in the district.

Making the most of your village hall event
Saturday 19th October 2019 | 10.30am – 3pm at Wychavon Civic Centre, Pershore, WR10 1PT
This event will include a choice of four workshop sessions covering a range of topics. Two workshops will run from 10.30am-12noon (Improving your Village Hall and Funding) and two from 1-2pm (Marketing and Communications and Organising the Organisers) with a session from 2-3pm for questions and discussion. Lunch will be provided for those attending all day.

Event management
Monday 4 November 2019 | 6pm – 8pm at Wychavon Civic Centre, Pershore, WR10 1PT
We all do events, but are we being efficient?. This workshop aims to cover the basics of putting on events and will include some of the tools to help you save time and effort in running events.

Applying for funding
Tuesdays, 4 February, 25 February or 10 March 2020 | all 6.30pm – 8pm at Wychavon Civic Centre, Pershore, WR10 1PT
This workshop will look at how to identify your funding needs and how to raise funds through a range of methods including sponsorship, fundraising and grant applications.

CLICK HERE for more information and links to book a place on the courses

Piddle Post- September 2019- Parish Council Report

Piddle Post September 2019 Parish Council Report

The Eastern Railway Bridge
The bridge is now being monitored on a weekly basis and the traffic officers from Operation Snap are reviewing footage and taking appropriate action. This may mean that if you are a serial offender in using the bridge, you may soon be receiving summonses through the post on a regular basis. The bridge is closed to most traffic for a reason, and the parish council will ensure that the County Council and the Police continue to monitor the bridge on a regular basis. If you continue to use the bridge, you run the risk of prosecution.

Neighbourhood Watch
I have continued with Neighbourhood Watch duties, and membership is growing slowly. I have also had two volunteers for local coordinators in Church Street and the Poplar Avenue new estate area. You may not be a member of Neighbourhood Watch, but you can still download an app called WeAlert. It is a mobile phone app that allows users to easily share alerts by type, i.e. Burglary, Vandalism etc with each other, quickly and easily. It is another way we can all help to reduce crime in our village. If you have any questions, please contact Cllr Lew Searle on or on 07795 251549

We Don’t Buy Crime
We Don’t Buy Crime is a West Mercia Police initiative to reduce and disrupt the market for stolen goods, and to protect your home and possessions by making them less attractive to the would-be criminal. The police are working with a local business, SmartWater, to make use of the latest technologies to fight crime. Wyre Piddle has become a ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ village, where every residential property has the opportunity to mark their possessions with SmartWater free of charge. Several events have been arranged for the distribution of Smartwater kits. The photo shows Timothy Williams from West Mercia Police putting up signs at the main entry points to the village accompanied by Cllrs Misan McFarland and Jenny Wilks. If you have not yet claimed your free kit contact Misan McFarland by email or on 07930 332363

Some of you may have noticed we now have a second defibrillator in the village situated on the side of the Anchor. I would like to say a big thank you to Fabio and Paul at the Anchor for allowing us to home the unit there and to Peter Hurst and Richard Attwood for making the install happen. Our next steps are now to identify a group of people who are willing to be trained and to book this in.

Cllr Carole Townsend

Street Lighting
Cllr Susan Essex has investigated the charges for electricity used and has found we have been overcharged. She has negotiated a backdated refund and a new charge for the year. She will also be looking at alternative providers to see if we can get an even better deal when the contract is due for renewal. She is looking at the possibility of LED lights being installed which are cheaper to run and more eco-friendly.

Worcestershire Passenger Transport Survey
It is still not too late to complete the survey form for the Worcestershire Passenger Transport Survey and have your say on rural transport. Just type in Worcestershire Passenger Transport Survey in one of the search engines and it will bring it up. You can read what the County Council are doing about transport and then complete the survey. It is important to hear from as many people as possible. If you can speak to those without transport or the elderly, ask what do they need from public transport? How do they get to the doctors or the hospital, how do they manage with their shopping? You can then include their views with your own. Thank you, Cllr Lew Searle
The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Thursday 26th September at 7:30 in the Village Hall. All welcome. For general enquiries contact our Chair: Cllr John Paul 07805 651502

Malvern Hills and Wychavon Neighbourhood Watch Together Event at Leigh and Bransford Memorial Hall on Wednesday 25th September 19

Malvern Hills and Wychavon Neighbourhood Watch Together event on Wednesday 25 September 5-8pm Leigh and Bransford Memorial Hall Sherridge Road, Leigh Sinton, Malvern WR13 5DE.

This drop-in market place event is an opportunity for Parish Councils and residents from across Malvern Hills and Wychavon to find out how to go about creating a successful Neighbourhood Watch scheme for their community. The event will also enable current and aspiring members of Neighbourhood Watch schemes to discover services available to them within their community, that they can then signpost their scheme members to when required.
To help with attendance figures, please tell us you’re coming by visiting the link below.



Contact details for volunteer services who help to take older people to the shops

Cllr. Misan McFarland reported that “01386 554 299 is a telephone number of the volunteer services I saw yesterday taking some older people shopping. I spoke to the ladies and they said the bus brings them to the Co-op then collects them later and the shopping is delivered by the Co-op to their homes!

Hope this helps with your investigation of transportation for shopping for villagers without cars. ”

Regards Misan Mcfarland Councillor

PUBLIC NOTICE- Road Closure Order – (U47231 Evesham Road, Wyre Piddle)(Temporary Closure)

Road Closure Order – (U47231 Evesham Road, Wyre Piddle)(Temporary Closure)

Proposed Order: to close that part of Evesham Road from its junction with A44 Wyre Piddle Bypass to its junction with U47218 George Lane.

Reason: Carriageway Resurfacing.

Exemptions: to permit access to any land or premises fronting the highway affected where there is no other form of access; and to allow the works to be undertaken.

Alternative route: U47231 Main Road, U47231 Worcester Road, B4083 Wyre Hill, B4083 Abbey View Road, A44 Wyre Piddle Bypass and vice versa.

Maximum duration: 18 Months. Anticipated duration: 11 days Commencing: 1 October 2019


Reports of an increase of Dog Fouling left on footpaths, private gardens and Public Open Spaces

There have been a number of reports of people walking their dogs around Wyre Piddle that are not clearing up their dog excrement. Please clear up and dispose of your dog waste responsibly.