We don’t Buy Crime

We Don’t Buy Crime

We Don’t Buy Crime is a West Mercia Police initiative to reduce and disrupt the market for stolen goods and to protect your home and possessions by making them less attractive to the would-be criminal. The police are working with a local business, SmartWater, to make use of the latest technologies to fight crime. Wyre Piddle has become a ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ village, where every residential property has the opportunity to mark their possessions with SmartWater free of charge. Several events have been arranged for the distribution of Smartwater kits. These new Smartwater kits are unique to each household and provide an easy-to-apply unique forensic coding system for your valuables. Items that are marked can be returned to you if recovered. Almost anything can be marked including cars, boats, caravans, jewellery, paintings, personal items, electrical goods, gardening and power tools. The photos show Timothy Williams from West Mercia Police putting up signs at the main entry points to the village accompanied by Cllrs Misan McFarland and Jenny wilks. If you have not yet claimed your free kit please contact Misan McFarland by email or by phone on 07930 332363