Wyre Piddle Parish News Report – Wyre Piddle Parish Council October 2019 edition.

Wyre Piddle Parish News – October 2019

Keep Wyre Piddle Tidy!
Our village is now signed up for the Wychavon Adopt a street scheme. We have our own set of litter picking equipment and all we need to do is a litter pick 3 times a year. This can be at a time to suit and doesn’t have to be an organised community event. If you would like to volunteer to litter pick on your own street or any other problem area please can you get in touch with me and I can deliver you some pickers and further information. I have 10 sets altogether – one for me, so that makes 9 available for some other willing and able folk!

Smith’s Meadow
Smith’s Meadow new hedgerow weeding/pruning/top gate painting weekend will be on the weekend of November 2 & 3, at 10am, I have chosen this weekend as the wild life would of finish breeding and a lot of the vegetation would have died down a little. If anyone wishes to volunteer to support this event please contact myself on my mobile 07805651502 or email for more information.

We Don’t Buy Crime
The WDBC signs are up on all the main entrances into the Village. Councillor Wilks and I accompanied Timothy Williams on a very rainy day to put them up. Thanks to Timothy Williams and his able assistant Alan McFarland. Our thanks also go to The Chair, Councillor Paul who has erected the remaining A3 size WDBC signs all around the village.
I have a few A3 size WDBC signs left if anyone knows or thinks there is an area that needs one please get in touch.

Evesham Road
A request was made to Wychavon District Council to sweep the Evesham road, as the amount of debris in the gutters was considerable. This work was done but not to an acceptable standard, and the drainage gullies are in some cases blocked. There are still a lot of weeds growing in the gutters. However, we have been informed that the road will be resurfaced in October and it is assumed that the road will be properly cleaned before the resurfacing work is done.

Eastern Bridge
I am still getting complaints from villagers regarding the unauthorized use of the Eastern Bridge. Enquiries have been made to the West Mercian Operation Snap to see if any action is being taken. They have informed me that they are prosecuting offenders for red light offences, and are sending out warning letters for those using the key code to change the traffic lights. If they continue to use the key code, then they will also be prosecuted.