Reports of an increase of Dog Fouling left on footpaths, private gardens and Public Open Spaces

There have been a number of reports of people walking their dogs around Wyre Piddle that are not clearing up their dog excrement. Please clear up and dispose of your dog waste responsibly.


We don’t Buy Crime

We Don’t Buy Crime

We Don’t Buy Crime is a West Mercia Police initiative to reduce and disrupt the market for stolen goods and to protect your home and possessions by making them less attractive to the would-be criminal. The police are working with a local business, SmartWater, to make use of the latest technologies to fight crime. Wyre Piddle has become a ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ village, where every residential property has the opportunity to mark their possessions with SmartWater free of charge. Several events have been arranged for the distribution of Smartwater kits. These new Smartwater kits are unique to each household and provide an easy-to-apply unique forensic coding system for your valuables. Items that are marked can be returned to you if recovered. Almost anything can be marked including cars, boats, caravans, jewellery, paintings, personal items, electrical goods, gardening and power tools. The photos show Timothy Williams from West Mercia Police putting up signs at the main entry points to the village accompanied by Cllrs Misan McFarland and Jenny wilks. If you have not yet claimed your free kit please contact Misan McFarland by email or by phone on 07930 332363

West Mercia Police launch their new Newsletter “On the Beat” – South Worcestershire.

West Mercia Police have launched their ‘On the Beat – South Worcestershire’ newsletter and are looking to distribute to parish councils. It will be a quarterly newsletter and this is the first edition.
If you have any queries regarding this newsletter or policing in your area please contact your local Policing Team, contact details are available here – On The Beat Newsletter



Please see link above for Notice of District Council Election 2019


Notice of Election Parish Councils from I to W

Notice of Election District Council

Volunteer Parish Paths Warden Vacancy – Wyre Piddle

Your Parish Council Needs You!

Community Transport Update

Are you having difficulty getting to the Alexandra or Worcester Hospitals for appointments? There is now a pilot scheme called Community Transport Connections, which can help patients who are eligible because of mobility limitations or who have no other means of transport available.

For more information or to register for this service, you will need to call 0300 3239965, Mon-Fri 9am-4pm.

Once registered, you will be able to use this service, provided by Volunteer drivers in cars. There is a charge for each journey.

The scheme covers all rural and urban areas in Evesham, Pershore, Worcester, Droitwich and Redditch.

Community Transport to hospitals wider afield (i.e. Birmingham) is also available (often much cheaper than a taxi) and transport to GP and Dental appointments, shops, visiting friend and relatives is also provided. Again, there is a charge for each journey. These journeys can be booked by calling the numbers below.

Volunteering could be good for you….

There is good evidence to suggest that volunteering can bring benefits to both the person volunteering and the people and organisations they support. It is thought that it can improve your self-esteem and motivation which in turn can bring health benefits and boost quality of life. It is also a good way to meet new people and broaden your social life at the same time as offering valuable services where needed. There’s a huge range of opportunities out there, you may know people who are already enjoying being a volunteer. Could this be for you too? Volunteer drivers use their own vehicles to transport people to hospital, GP and dental appointments, to the shops or to visit friends/family etc. Volunteer drivers receive .45p per mile for journeys undertaken. Volunteers are also required in the office or as Passenger Assistants.

Volunteers are very welcome at:

Worcester Wheels – 01905 450654
Pershore Volunteer Centre – 01386 554299
Evesham Volunteer Centre – 01386 40165
Droitwich Rural Council for Voluntary Service – 01905 772010
Redditch – 01527 879290


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